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He has currently embarked on a series of works called Phosphenes, which leads on from his Covid 19 series.

With Phosphenes, each piece starts with the questions, what is internal and what is external? What is real and what is unreal.

I see my Phosphenes as a physical exploration of consciousness. Where is the line between the conscious mind and the conscious? Between the consciousness of the waking mind and the sleeping mind? Between meditation and conscious thought? Coma and the transition from life to death? While all of these questions and ideas inform my work, I don’t hold them consciously in my mind while painting, they are simply there, in the background.

I see these liminal places, the spaces between thought and no thought, as the places where all ideas and culture is birthed, so I see my Phosphenes both as a literal visual representation of what I physically see when I close my eyes and as a metaphorical visual representation of the primordial soup from which ideas emerge.

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