Phosphenes & Jhana

Guitarra Española.JPG

Close your eyes. What do you see?

When I was younger, I would have a siesta, or pretend to have one, as I found it difficult to sleep during the day. The times where I found it difficult to sleep, was when I discovered that when I gently closed my eyes. I used to play with the noticing the  lights, colours and movement and letting my imagination run wild. Being in Covid times, gave me the opportunity to look internally. I researched into this phenomena, as a way of understanding myself better and found that there is a name for this sensory perception, it is called: Phosphenes. 


By capturing these creative visualizations into a physical manifestation, I can share these revelations. I am interested in the perception and projection discourse. Do we look for and attract familiarity? Is the internal a reflection of what is external?

When looking at each piece, it helps me reconnect with my meditation practice. I can use them as visual aids. I attended and intend to go back to the 'Spiritual University', when we are able to return. Going there provides me with developing my art practice, as I attempt to disable the ego and create from sensory impressions. Jhana leads to awareness.

The training of meditation, is called Jhana this is where you withdraw the mind from the automatic responses to sense-impressions, which leads to a state of awareness. I'd like to think seeing the phosphenes, enables me to meditate better.


With this mixed media painting, I make no sketches or prepatory markings and I paint directly onto canvas. The painting reveals itself in its entirety when I feel that I have finished it. I hold the vision of the overall composition in my mind and aim to achieve this vision in the art produced. 

I have been creating this series of work. Whilst in lockdown in the UK. When I am creating these pieces, I am in the moment. It is meditation in action. 

I am mindful and aware of the markings that I add to the paper or canvas. I let my mind and my hand guide me in the creation of the piece. 

The process of creating these works are a very satisfying experience, to me this is flow. Where external stimuli can be temporarily suspended and I can be one with the piece that is being created.