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I close my eyes and I see....


Good friends in Spain who always end a conversation with Besos.

The strong pink paint across the painting Ike a signing off with a kiss.


The Spanish colours, evokes good times and sad times – good in that it reminds me of my friends, sadness, because we l have to leave.


The painting is an interpretation of a mindscape that takes me on a journey, my eye is guided around the painting by the lines that are drawn into it.


Turn the painting around and there is still a journey, but it is a different one.


It reminds me of the heat of southern Spain, earth textures, particularly around the gold, earth and rock. Inland Andalusia.


It reminds me of the exuberance and release and of flamenco.

Flamenco hands music from feet up to hands and into song.

Expressive, not just the kiss, but what is behind the kiss.


Kisses / Besos (sold)

  • Original (Framed): 50cm x 50cm
    Mixed Media
    February 2022

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