Mel Elston-Mendones


I am a creative. I depict life. I am a first-generation immigrant with Filipino/Latin heritage based in the UK, mostly self-taught, with a design degree.


My art, inspired by the ‘nature/nurture’ discourse- a theme that permeates my life and works, mirrors each other. From this synergy, I can create.


Centering around 5 aids; colour, line, texture, relativity, and storytelling. My art is between ‘abstract’ and ‘representation’ and is a ‘true’ expression or an impression of how I interpret life.

I am currently developing a body of work based on meditation, mindfulness and awareness. 

I regularly update my website to keep it refreshed, I show my current pieces and I move older works into the archives, to get an overall view on what art I create, please feel free to browse through the archives.