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Primavera (Spring)

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

June 2022 - I am pleased to announce that Bruxelles Art Vue, has awarded me with the best abstraction for Primavera in their Summer Exhibition 2022.

Primavera (Spring)

50cm x50cm, Mixed Media, January 2022

Primavera is a painting that signifies a combination of coming out of CBT therapy and still being amid winter and dark and dreary outside, long nights, wanted to brighten up my mood. It is a call for hope and spring, looking forward to brighter things first one in a square – important because it also made me realise, I was taking life too seriously and needed to play – This is the first painting I created after three or four months of not being in the right frame of mind to paint. The painting can be turned around, I call this ‘playful rotation’. It signifies not being stuck, or bored, or constrained. By turning the canvas it always comes back to seeing something new. I used paint in a playful way – painting thicker and bolder as well as contrasting it with more subtly blended areas, I used line to create more movement and action within the piece. The choice of colour was used to depict, happy coincidences. release of frustrations and insecurities and starting afresh and new. I moved to a new in a new place. The fresh colours remind me of anticipated growth.

Primavera, is available for sale at £1,000.00 (framed)

Also available is Limited Edition prints:

25 Giclee Prints (unframed): £100.00 each

10 Canvas Prints (unframed): £200.00 each

5 Embellished canvas prints (unframed): £250.00 each

Payment in installments available-

Prints available framed (additional costs apply)-

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