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On a base of metallics to give richness and depth, I allowed intuition to take over and guide my brush with no plan or thought.


Torbellino de Colores (Whirlwind of Colour) describes my painting process perfectly! A idea appears in my mind and builds into a whirlwind of colours, movement, feelings and sounds. My senses feel overwhelmed and I have to ride the storm until the wave begins to subside and a new painting has emerged.


Ikaw i Ay Pangit (You Are Ugly) I have both felt and been called ugly, but any form of otherness can make us feel ugly. When I have to fill in a diversity and inclusion form, as a mixed heritage, Filipino, Mexican, Spaniard, the only box I ever get to tick is, "Other," which doesn't make me feel very included.


Ang Toro at Ang Ista (The Bull & The Fish) This is simply a work of love. Love between two very different people.   

Collection: Torbellino de Colores; Ikaw i Ay Pangit; Ang Toro at Ang Ista

  • 2023

    Acrylic on canvas

    50cm x 100cm

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