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Throughout his life Mel has both struggled with and celebrated his multi-cultural identity – Filipino, British, Latino, Mexican, Spanish, exile, economic migrant, Roman Catholic, protestant. His work explores the joys and difficulties of living with this complex mix of, often clashing and unbalanced, influences. These struggles and lack of balance have led to challenges with both his physical and mental health, which also inform his work. Mel was born in West London in 1977 and currently lives and works in West Sussex. He graduated with a Batchelor of Arts with Honours, in Design Studies. Mel was a shortlisted finalist with the Royal Society of Arts in 2002.

Besos by Mel Elston-Mendones Slideshow.png

Besos / Kisses

Critical Analysis

'Mel’s compositions mostly non-figurative are genuine expressions of feelings and sentiments that, through the language of abstract signs, allude to reality, in which the viewer can perceive only that reality suggested by his own imagination.'

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